Children must Believe

(extract from Sentient Parenting)

The word Magic probably makes you think of fairy tales. In art, literature and folklore, Magic is instantly affiliated with forest folk – pixies and fairies that flitter around under red toadstools and glittery rainbows.  That is not the Magic I wish to speak of here.  The Magic I would love my children to access is Natural Magic and Mind Magic .

The Natural Magic I want children to appreciate is the invisible happenings that occur in our everyday lives, the powerful and meaningful experiences we feel that science cannot yet help us explain. Believing in this sense of magical awe means that our children retain a sense of Awe, of Hope in a world at Play.  Believing in the existence of Natural Magic means that our children live with their eyes open, and enjoy more of what their world offers them.  They live more attentively and spiritually, more attuned, with a deeper dimension to their everyday experiences.

Mind Magic is a term I would like to introduce to encompass the self-empowering techniques that our children can learn to make their lives easier and more meaningful.  Mind Magic can teach them the positive power of their own minds and their God-given potential to evoke change, both within themselves, and their relationships with other people. Mind magic will help them  understand what makes them feel the way they do, what makes them think the way they do, and what strategies they can use to make them think and feel better. Raising our children with Mind Magic means teaching them about Affirmations and Healing Energies and Intuition and Karma. It means linking in with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as a means of setting up healthy, empowering behaviours, and basic NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) to prevent unhealthy thinking patterns creeping in as our children grow. This kind of Magic is plausible and necessary, and surely has a place in our modern parenting.

Ancient civilisations used to have a MagicMan living among them, as vital as the Hunter or the MedicineMan or the Cook.  I wish that we would recognise and encourage their value today – the Magic People among us - the people who help us celebrate Life and Nature and Each Other. After all, true Magic is about the embracing the Unexpected and the Incredible and the Unbelievable into our lives.

I hope that you have the Strength and Belief to find the Magic for you and your children...


This extract is part of an on-going project to link like- minded thinkers.  It is from a manuscript called Sentient Parenting that I am hoping to have published in the new year.

If you like what you are seeing, and think that there may be something of value for you and your family, please make contact and I promise to keep you updated.