Teaching Healthy Thinking

(extract from Sentient Parenting)

We know that the child we have been gifted is more than just flesh and blood. We know that he is not just a biological creature who is to be fed, watered and exercised regularly. He has an entire other side of himself that Biology and Science cannot explain.  And it is pretty scary that the huge words like Character and Personality and Soul and Conscience and Essence all fall into this unexplained category…

We also know that many adults at some stage find themselves dissatisfied and disillusioned with our lives, and set out to find ways of trying to bring balance back into their living. We try to find our way back to a base of healthy functioning – a level where we can experience our better selves, but how much more sensible would it be to establish that sound psychological base at the start of our independent lives.  How much better if we could teach our children the importance of healthy thinking before they mature into adults who discover that their thinking and reasoning and decision making skills may be faulty!

We need to actively empower our children to have a healthy mind, and a healthy psyche right from the start.  We need to teach them that they are responsible for own healthy thoughts, and feelings and actions.  Raising an emotionally intelligent child means raising a child who is in control of his mind, in control of how he thinks, and in control of what he thinks about. Teaching a child to tailor her thoughts means teaching her to tailor her experience of the world, which means tailoring the reality she experience – how worthwhile is that!

We see through experience that the happy, well- adjusted person is not necessary the one with the best circumstances, but the one with the best attitude.  What you think about and how you think about it determines your world.  No matter where you live, what work you do, who you date, what you weigh, how much money you have – you will still be forced to live, each and every day, with the thoughts racing around in your mind.  You might as well make it a healthy, happy mind.
There is a wise old Jesuit expression - ‘Give me a child until he is 7, and I will give you the man’.  The early stages of parenting are so vital for forming our child’s character, but please don’t despair if your child is already older than 7.  It is never too late to be a good parent. 


This extract is part of an on-going project to link like- minded thinkers.  It is from a manuscript called Sentient Parenting that I am hoping to have published in the new year.

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