Tenets of Sentient Parenting

(extract from Sentient Parenting)

Parenting is a Relationship, as much as a Responsibility

Our children are a product of our parenting, far more than they are a product of their Economics or Class, or Times, and we as parents have taken on the responsibility of raising them till adulthood and beyond. This chapter looks at the teaching and nurturing role we have to play in raising an authentic, grounded generation.

Parent for their modern World

We are plugged in, topped up and connected to a buzzing, vibrant universe with an endless, mesmerising scope of opportunities and options, but we don’t always know how to disconnect.  Can we shut off and shut down?   We look here at the need for coping mechanisms to help us and our children deal with being stressed out, burnt out and strung out.

Teach Healthy Thinking

We need to raise a sentient child physically, emotionally and mentally.   We need to teach them that they are responsible for their own healthy thoughts, feelings and actions. I hope to show you here how to empower your child to have a healthy mind, and a healthy psyche from the start.

Teach them to Find their Place in the World

Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs says that Inter-dependence is the ideal we should aim for, not Independence.  This chapter deals with helping our children feel grounded and self- assured, knowing their value as an individual, once we help them find the place where they fit in and belong,  and matter.

Teach them to Believe in their World

I don’t believe that it’s possible to live a full, productive life as a die-hard rationalist, and here I try to drive home the responsibility I believe that we share to teach our children about invisibles, about teaching them a healthy respect for, and a true belief in, the magic that can help make their lives more meaningful.

Teach them to Believe in Themselves

We need to learn how to give our child a sense of self. We need to give them time and space and the security to work out who they are, rather than what we want them to be, or what we want them to do. This chapter tries to show how we can help them grow into their own  individuality as complete authentic beings.

Teach Attunement and Interconnectedness

We need to foster a sense of Interconnectedness with our Universe,  a sense of being part of something greater and far more meaningful than themselves. And just as we take our child to school or to the dentist, this section reminds us that we have an obligation to take our child to Nature too, so that he can experience an intensity of life through Her, and learn to live in the Now. 

Parent your Child, as He is

It sometimes seems as if we are all trying to raise the same generic, perfect child - the one child to meet all needs.  The field of humanistic psychology explored in this section focuses on Individuality, and Self-actualization, and the risks we run when we try to squash that Individuality by forcing the nurture/nature process.

Parent so that She can live without you…

Parenting successfully is doing such a good job of doing your job, that you do yourself out of your very important job.  However hard the lesson we need to learn as we parent, we must learn it – ‘the Love is proved in the letting go…’


This extract is part of an on-going project to link like- minded thinkers.  It is from a manuscript called Sentient Parenting that I am hoping to have published in the new year.

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