Sentient Parenting

(extract from Sentient Parenting)

There is nothing new in my concept of Sentient Parenting. It is new in name only.  Sentient Parenting simply refers to core, instinctive parenting based on good old fashioned common sense. It is authentic Parenting, based on simple honest truths that we know, truths that we sometimes lose focus of in the melee of the modern world - truths that would have been our maternal birth right, if we still lived in traditional tribes and close, caring communities as we did eons ago.  Sentient Parenting is simply a reminder of what you already know and feel intrinsically in your heart.  It is that inner voice within ourselves that the busy, intrusive world drowns out. It is the lessons from the past that we know work, lessons that we need to apply again in principle to our own twenty-first century children.  

Our modern society is changing so frenetically and exponentially, that we just cannot keep up.  As a species, we seem genetically programmed for slow, gradual change, and we simply cannot keep pace with technology.  We appear more and more to be primal creatures adrift in a foreign world element, out of synch and out of kilter with what should be our natural universe. I think that we need to face up and accept that this modern hurly burly maelstrom of a world that we live in does not have to be accepted as the only option we have.  We need to understand that it is a flawed by-product of our constant acceleration, and then be brave enough to set about trying to right some of the wrong.  We need to focus on ourselves and most importantly on our children. We need to access, awaken and encourage what lies within. We need to work tirelessly and hopefully.  We need to strive for an authenticity of spirit and to find the courage to actively voice and teach our belief systems.

I appreciate that a great number of spiritual parents are already practising the basic principles that I have included under the term Sentient Parenting.  I know that across the universe there is a real movement amongst people towards more authentic living – people who are completely committed to making their world a better place to live within. We as a society are indebted to these people, to the large number of gifted speakers, writers, therapists and practitioners out there in our world who give of themselves so completely because they believe that the world is meant to be a better place, and that the human race is meant to do it better than what we currently are doing it.

As my contribution I am introducing Sentient Parenting as a new concept so that parents can feel more empowered to be a part of this consciousness. My book is my attempt to gather parenting wisdoms under one comprehensive term so we can be reminded of what we know and feel.  I hope that my book will help you in reaching and teaching our children that their world can be better, should be better, must be better, and that they have a significant part to play in improving it.

Sentient Parenting, more than anything else, is about believing in our world, believing in our species, believing in our children and their future, and believing in the vital role we have to play as parents. For our children’s sake, it is worth our best efforts…

This extract is part of an on-going project to link like- minded thinkers.  It is from a manuscript called Sentient Parenting that I am hoping to have published in the new year.

If you like what you are seeing, and think that there may be something of value for you and your family, please make contact and I promise to keep you updated.