Despite our world population standing at almost 7 billion people, we are more isolated as individuals than we ever were before. With modern trends favouring Individualisation and living your own life, we are faced with the onerous task of raising our children pretty much on our own. And with modern lifestyles being as they are, few of us have extended family or community elders or respected religious leaders we can approach for guidance in how we want to raise our children. I get fearful then that the modern media, with its cancerous cynicism, may be the lodestar we follow as we live our lives.  The media may be deciding our lifestyles, the choices we make and the values we absorb on a day to day basis - that media may be influencing what we think, what we become convinced we need, and what we think we want for our own children.

That thought terrifies me. I realise that I am by nature a hopeful, idealistic dreamer (aka naive, woolly-headed butterfly-brain), but I would choose these epithets over cynical, apathetic and disillusioned any day. And I believe wholeheartedly that there is an army of other idealistic dreamers out there who need fresh thinking, especially among young parents – we have to be hopeful, idealistic dreamers if we are to have any chance of instilling Hopefulness in the next generation. I am Hopeful, and if your children are going to share my children’s world, then I hope that you are Hopeful too!

Please let’s be clear - I am not proposing myself as a parenting guru :  I am simply a devoted, loving parent, committed to fulfilling my role as authentically as I possibly can. I have time on my hands. I have the resources and access to a cornucopia of information, and I have a teacher’s heart, so I feel compelled to spread the thoughts and words of wonderful writers and thinkers that I come across on my daily musings and travails…

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The work on this website is not all my own - it is deliberately an attempt to guide you and steer you towards the works and words that I have come across – works that have inspired or challenged or clarified thinking for me.  I hope the writers that I reference accept the networking in good faith…


Karen Dickson was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  She is a freelance writer living in Chalfont St Peter in rural Buckinghamshire, England.  In her time, Karen has been a teacher at highly respected independent and state schools, a school counsellor and a practising hypnotherapist.  She is a devoted wife, a dedicated mother of two teenage sons, a lover of words and poetry, a believer in Love and Magic and a heliophilic nemophilist.